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The Verified solution to three global challenges

More than 12,000 homes in Ireland are saving:

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Cost Reduction

The HubController is the only smart device on the market proven to save on average 36.63% off your heating bills. 

In other words, that’s about €824* per year – every year!

*Based on an average savings of 5,345 kWh per household using a Gas unit rate of 14.62 c/kWh (VAT included) and Gas carbon tax rate of 0.808 c/kWh (VAT included)


Proven savings.

Independently verified study conducted in Ireland has found that the Hub Controller saves our customers an average of €824 off their heating bills each year per household.


Automatic savings.

Our innovative Automatic Energy Reduction Technology does all the savings – you don’t have to do a thing! Each time your heating is on, you’re saving money.


Future proof savings.

The HubController delivers savings that are not related to energy providers – no matter the price of the oil or gas, you’ll still save 36.63% off your heating bills year after year!

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Carbon Reduction

The HubController reduces your carbon footprint by on average 1.77 tonnes per household per year – and there’s nothing you have to do for it! (Except from getting your HubController, ofcourse)

tonnes of CO2 reduced so far

Carbon Savings

Increase in Carbon savings since the introduction of the AER technology

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Energy reduction

Project Ireland 2040 by Irish government set a goal of reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, as well as achieving net zero emissions by 2050. However, achieving this goal proved to be challenging due to the cost of retrofits and the general population’s apathy towards sustainable solutions. 

Enter HubController – Automatic Energy Manager that replaces your existing smart, or not so smart, thermostat.

We conducted the largest ever trial of Automatic Energy Reduction in Ireland. Over 3 years, we collaborated with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and collected real-time data every 160 seconds from over 800 Irish households.

Independently verified by

  • Ulster University
  • SEAI
  • PMCA consulting

The results of the trial

In short, the median Irish household saves on:

Space heating usage

% per house per year

Energy usage

kWh per house per year

Energy bills

€ per house per year​

Carbon reduction

tCO2 per house per year​
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